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Character Sketching Mastery
(Sunday Online Class + Recorded Course)

After completing my class! You’ll be able to sketch confidently, professionally and easily the way you like. 

 Sunday Live Class Works 

👉 Age: 10+  Anybody Can Learn   
👉 Material: Pencil 4B, 6B and Sketchbook
👉 Class: Sunday 10 AM to 12 PM (2hrs)

👉 Admission: Saturday last date

🎙️ New Batch: Starts on Sunday

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 Are you looking for Sketching Course which will teach you step-by-step Basic to Advance?
How to draw Manga/ Anime / Cartoon characters properly? Then,  This is the right course for you to begin with.  

This course helps any level beginners, Students, Working professionals, Hobbiest, Seasoned learners, Entry level designers, anyone who is interested to learn sketching.  

 To start sketching properly characters ? You must learn these 6 topics, Method, tips & Techniques.

  1. Character Sketching fundamental : Which help You gain new process to sketch anything

  2. Character sketching Method: Which help  You enhance all the methods,Tips & Technique to sketch any characters properly

  3. Pose/Gesture Method: In this You develop your character stroke, Line quality, style and sketching speed 10X

  4. Head Sketching Method: In this You discover 3SS Method, How to sketch Face, Eyes, Noses, Ears, Lips and overall head in different angles.

  5. Upper Body Sketching Method: In this You learn the mechanism of body folding, movement force, body language pose, hands movement.

  6. Lower Body Sketching Method: In this You learn the mechanism of overall folding and right pose, character’s gravity force, leg fold moments and feet   

Don’t worry These are all the topics, Methods, techniques you will learn step-by-step in your comfortable time and your place.

After completing this course.
*You can  start sketching confidently!  Your favourite characters Anime/Manga/Cartoon properly.
*You can start sketching your travel adventure spot and share the sketch with your network.
*You can start sketching your favourite person, pets, surrounding places and share the sketch for good memory.
*You can start sketching to feel “Stress Relief and Emotional Release” this makes you stronger, confident & a motivated person.

This character sketching course helps you to reach your Sense of Purpose and Motivation.

If this finds you interesting then Click the link and join the class.

PDF Book: 100 Sketch Challenge Reference

100 Challenge Book.jpg

Access our 100 sketching reference, designed to guide you through the process seamlessly.

Course: Character Sketching Mastery & One-2-One Feedback

Course sketching mastery.png

Get my recorded Character Sketching Mastery course & Receive personalized one-on-one feedback.

PDF Book: Sketching Kickstarter Workbook

Sketching Workbook.png

Discover essential tips and tricks for beginners in our must-have guideline book on sketching processes. 

*Limited spots available! Sign up today and give your child the gift of a specialized skill they'll love.

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Here's What The Students Say...


Course was good. Trainer explained very calmly step by step. For a beginner like me, It was easy to understand the concepts as it was taught in simple words and I had no doubts. Thanks.


Learn Sketching Skill

Unlock the power of creativity and unleash your potential!

If you dream of mastering sketching skills and dominating the world of art, we have the perfect solution for you. Say goodbye to expensive schools and time-consuming institutes that disrupt your daily routine. Say hello to a new era of learning from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, with the flexibility of an internet connection.

Introducing our revolutionary program – the ultimate gateway to sketching mastery! This is the MOST recommended, comprehensive, and affordable way to learn sketching from scratch to advanced levels. We provide you with expert guidance, step-by-step instruction, and practical implementation exercises that will take your skills to soaring heights!

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Who needs to learn sketching skill?

Fashion Designer




Animators and Illustrators


Art & Design Teacher


Graphic Designer

Tattoo Artist

Makeup Artist

Storyboarding Artist

Prabhu Character Sketch 01
Prabhu Character Sketch 03
Prabhu Character Sketch 02
Prabhu Character Sketch 11

Sketching is a fundamental skill for
Art & Design?

Sketching for Drawing

  • Observation: Sketching improves observational skills, helping artists capture accurate proportions, details, and forms from real-life subjects or references.

  • Composition: Sketching allows artists to plan and experiment with different compositions before committing to a final drawing. It helps in arranging elements harmoniously within the artwork.

  • Gesture and Movement: Sketching quick and loose gestures helps convey movement and dynamics in the artwork, adding life and energy to the drawings.

Sketching for Character Design

  • Character Exploration: Sketching helps character designers visualize various character traits, personalities, and appearances through quick sketches and thumbnail drawings.

  • Silhouette and Pose Studies: Character designers can experiment with different poses and silhouettes to find the most visually appealing and expressive options.

  • Facial Expressions: Sketching allows artists to practice drawing various facial expressions, adding depth and emotion to their character designs.

Sketching for Concept Creating

  • Concept Exploration: Sketching is essential for developing and refining visual concepts, whether for products, environments, characters, or any other creative project.

  • Iteration and Refinement: Through sketching, concept artists can iterate on different ideas, making adjustments and improvements until the desired concept is achieved.

  • Quick Visualization: Sketching enables artists to quickly bring their ideas to life, allowing them to see the potential of a concept without investing too much time in rendering.

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Character Sketching Mastery (Sunday Online class + Recorded Videos) 

If your child has a passion for creating characters? Regular art classes might not fully address this unique skill.


This is where character sketching comes in! It's a specialized skill that goes beyond basic drawing and helps kids bring their characters to life with personality and expression.

Character sketching skill is not taught by any offline art class. It's a unique skill and can be learned from a working professional. 

Any level Beginners can learn it online and it's a Two-month #DIY workshop class.

Try it as it has worked for many students to upskill sketching characters.

Over the last 14 years, Prabhu Subramaniyan has been into Design. Founder of Artupskill. He believes every artist has a unique style. And creators need help to find their art style to enjoy creating. 

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